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Since 1967, Interface Welding has been producing a product called “Inertia/Friction Welds”

We are a job shop that performs a complete Inertia/Friction Welding service for our customers. Moreover, a wide variety of companies have been using our product (Inertia/Friction Welds) successfully for over 50 years.

Our customer list includes many small manufacturers as well as some of the world’s largest and most prestigious. Product application areas vary from aerospace, aircraft, both military and commercial, to rocket nozzles and motors, ordnance items, nuclear reactors, hydraulics, valves, automotive racing and family cars, oil field drilling and production, cutting tools, turbines, gears, shafts and many others that are critical and exciting.

We design and build our own special tooling.

Most welds are made to generate cost reductions and product improvement of new parts. However, many welds are also being made to reclaim used parts and to salvage or modify new ones.

Starting with one Inertia/Friction Welding machine, Interface now has more than a dozen. The weld size capacity ranges from 1/8″ in dia. to 3″ in dia. of solid bar. Tubular sizes range from 1/8″ in dia. to approximately 9.5″ in dia. Much of the tooling required is standard and stocked. Special tooling is designed and built in our own toolroom.

When a potential application is being considered, Interface Welding works with the design and/or manufacturing engineer and others that are concerned with cost reduction and product improvement, to design the parts properly for the Inertia/Friction Welding process. To prove that the concept is correct, a development program is first run, then production quantities are welded to meet customers’ requirements.

When it is necessary that welds be made to critical specifications, i.e. MIL. STD. 1252, Nadcap and others, Interface Welding is highly qualified and respected.

We welcome the opportunity to consult and work with you on your application needs.

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